Historic Horse Racing

Pari-Mutuel Events, Simulcasting & Historic Horse Racing Enabling Statutes

Wyo. Statutes § 11-25-102(a),(v)&(vii)(A),(B)

(a) As used in this act:

(v) “Pari-mutuel event” means the events which are authorized by the commission for the conduct of horse racing(to include quarter horse, thoroughbred or other approved races), harness racing, cutter racing, chariot racing, chuckwagon racing, professional roping events and simulcasting of dog racing and the events described in this paragraph as prescribed by the commission. Notwithstanding W.S. 6-7-101(a) (iv) and 11-25-107, the commission may authorize and promulgate rules providing for pari-mutuel wagering on events that have previously occurred, utilizing an electronic system or device that affords an opportunity for the exercise of skill or judgment where the outcome is not completely controlled by chance alone;

(vii) “Simulcasting” means the sale of pari-mutuel pools electronically transmitted live or historic on interstate or intrastate pari-mutuel events as prescribed by the commission. The commission shall authorize simulcasting subject to the following conditions:

(A) Simulcasting may be conducted only by a holder of a permit to simulcast issued under this act. The permit shall be authorized by the commission for a period not to exceed three (3) years from the date of issuance. The commissioners shall issue a simulcast permit only to an applicant authorized under this act to conduct a pari-mutuel event other than simulcasting;

(B) Simulcasting may be conducted off the permitted premises only if the board of county commissioners of the county in which such simulcasting will be conducted grant (grants) its approval

Wyo. Statutes § 11-25-104(m)

(m) The commission shall establish the number of actual live horse racing or pari-mutuel event days required to qualify for a simulcasting permit. The commission shall adopt rules governing establishment of live horse racing or pari-mutuel event days required for a simulcasting permit in a manner that ensures fair and equitable involvement of all affected parties, including consideration of the economic viability of those days to permit applicants.