The Wyoming Gaming Commission is debuting the 2024 Safety Initiative “Take The Lead On Safety”. 

The objective is to make sure that in Wyoming we have a culture of shared responsibility when it comes to safety of both human and equine athletes in horse racing.  Not only will the focus be about the racetrack safety, but also mental health challenges in the racing industry and a platform to bring the conversation to the forefront.

What it means to "Take the Lead"

"It all begins with you. You can be a safety champion for taking action to keep the Wyoming horseracing industries human and equine athletes safe.

Wyoming is a premier state for horseracing. We want to be known for our safety and integrity. Without safety as our slogan, we lose focus on how to diminish the risks in the popular Wyoming tradition: Horseracing.

Small steps taken daily to achieve the goal of becoming the safest state in the Country for horseracing, one act at a time, can make all the difference."

~ Charles E. Moore, Executive Director ~

Out of the Shadows

Join the Global Symposium on Racing as they address a critical issue that has deeply impacted the horse racing community this past year. In the span of less than six weeks, we tragically lost two jockeys, Avery Whisman and Alex Canchari, to suicide. These losses have united the racing industry in a collective effort to raise awareness and take concrete steps towards addressing the mental health challenges faced by individuals on both the frontside and backstretch. Moderated by former rider and NBC commentator Donna Barton Brothers, this panel brings together a diverse group of experts, hailing from within and beyond the racing world. They will delve into a thoughtful dialogue seeking solutions and strategies to better support and care for our racing community.