Health & Safety

Health Requirements – Live Horse Races

Chapter 8, Conduct Of Races, Section 3. Entries

(y) No horse will be allowed at a track and no horse shall be entered or permitted to start unless a current health certificate showing that the horse has been examined and found to be free from symptoms of any infectious disease is on file with the Racing Secretary.

(i) The health certificate is valid when it is made by a licensed and accredited veterinarian in the state where the examination was made. It is current if it is within thirty (30) days prior (unless otherwise directed by the Wyoming State Veterinarian) to the date the horse arrives at a Wyoming race track for the first time in a calendar year. A horse shall not require a new health certificate when shipping directly from a Wyoming race track to another, if the certificate is dated within thirty (30) days of shipping. The certificate shall include the temperature of the horse at the time he is examined. The Permittee conducting the race meeting is responsible for compliance with this ruling.

(ii) A negative EIA (Coggins AGID or ELISA) test is required within twelve (12) months prior to arrival.

(iii) A negative Theleria equi (Piroplasmosis) cELISA test is required within twelve (12) months prior to arrival.